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Software Defined Networking & Network Functions Virtualization will fundamentally redefine how carriers across the world manage & deploy services across the network. The industry shift towards virtual and software based networking platforms has been gaining significant momentum over the past 3 years. 2014 saw an increase in Proof of Concept and lab trials undertaken between vendors and carriers.  In 2015, there is widely anticipated uptake and deployment of SDN enabled networks and NFV-based services in an increasing number of carriers.


In previous years, the biggest question in the industry has been “What is SDN? What is NFV?”. The fundamental principal of both is now more commonly understood and acknowledged within the industry, and the next 18 months will see a shift from “What is?” to “How?”.


SDN & NFV USA returns to Dallas for the 3rd time, and will be answering the question of “how” for this revolutionary industry. Namely, through a variety of analysis, insight & debate into key factors that will guide future successes.


Influencers and leaders of SDN & NFV will meet in Dallas, Texas, this fall, to road-map the next generation network infrastructure. Alongside the Next Generation Optical Networking and Telco Cloud shows; the entire current & future infrastructure ecosystem for the telecoms industry will fall under the microscope.


The show will be supplemented by PoC and live deployment case-studies from North America’s largest carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon & Sprint. OTT & Social Media giants such as Google, eBay & Facebook will be sharing their case-studies, ambitions and challenges for the benefit of the whole industry. Exhibitors will also be on hand to showcase functioning solutions and provide assistance with any technical or strategic challenges that you and your organization face.


3 days of workshops, forums, keynote sessions, debates, contests, demonstrations, case-studies, interviews, networking sessions and more will bring together more than 400 experts; all to provide attendees with comprehensive solutions and benchmarks to enable strategy & implementation planning.



See you in Dallas!

Conferences like the SDN Summit are critical to establishing the use cases and problems facing operators, and consequently the direction of SDN development and ultimate solutions. [from SDN Summit]


SDN Summit was a great insight into the use cases of software defined networking, and helped to remove a lot of the hype that surrounds the technology, and was also a great way to meet other telecoms professionals facing the same challenges [from SDN Summit 2012]


Excellent organization of a very interesting event. Importantly, it offered a real chance for Operators, Vendors and other players in the Telco arena to share their views and discuss about the challenges and the opportunities offered by SDN and Virtualisation. Open-source software and standard hardware will play a significant role in the coming Industry transformation, so meeting also the Players of such fields, at these events, will be extremely valuable [from SDN Summit 2012]

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